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Recently landed… more superb hats from Australia’s premier hat makers, Akubra.

In fur felt, able to withstand virtually any climate, in fact able to withstand pretty much anything, this range produced The Guvnor’s own favourite hat, his iconic 52-year old Akubra… yes, we said 52… as seen on the BBC’s Inside Out South last week.

AkubrasWhether your preference is for a Coober Pedy (with an opal on the band), an Angler with a shark’s tooth, the super-soft Avalon, the outbacky Tableman’s, the trilby-type Stylemaster or one of the other magnificent styles that irregularly grace our shelves, there’s bound to be a classic Aussie hat to suit your head.

While we don’t keep every size in every style in stock, we’re usually able to source your choice… even if it has to come all the way from Oz!